wanderA well-known saying in these parts goes as follows: "A healthy body is home to a healthy mind and a healthy soul." A harmony between body, mind and soul is, ultimately, the most significant factor for our good health.

Take full advantage of everything this part of the world has to offer to improve your quality of life and good health. Breathe in our clear Alpine air, draw upon the power of nature itself, and benefit from the outstanding medical infrastructure in our region.

Specialized therapy centers such as Bad Vigaun, spas, hot springs, Kneipp treatments (Bürgerausee) and modern clinics (Emco Private Clinic in Bad Dürrnberg) as well as experts in medicine, physiotherapy, sport, fitness, health coaching, wellness and nutrition will all accompany you on your path to enhanced wellbeing.

Many regional specialists and alternative practitioners are glad to explain to you the power of plants and herbs, to relieve blockages within your body through massage, and to restore your inner balance.

Additional details can be found online at gesundes.salzburgerland.com