kochOur breakfast is something very close to our heart! That's why, every morning, we prepare a breakfast buffet that's beyond compare. With foods lovingly assembled with a preference for local organic products, you are guaranteed to get your day off to a healthy start.

Our breakfast buffet offers a wide selection of high-quality items, with something for every taste, whether your preference is for sweet or savory:

  • coffee, a wide selection of teas, hot chocolate 
  • rolls, bread
  • homemade jams  
  • honey (various kinds)
  • sausage, ham
  • a variety of cheeses  
  • various egg dishes 
  • sweet pastries and homemade cakes 
  • selection of cereals to mix yourself  
  • dried fruits and nuts
  • natural yogurt, fruit yogurt
  • fresh fruit and fresh vegetables  
  • selection of organic juices  
  • and much more...

By advance request, we are also more than happy to offer you a selection of gluten- or lactose-free products.

TIP!!! Flowing throughout our house is "Grander Water", which is famous and valued for its healthful, energizing effects.