The Wagnermigl looks back on a history extending back over 600 years. The name actually derives from "Wagnerei am Migl" ("wagon-maker on the hillside").

In 1350, the house was part of the Mitterpach estate belonging to the Wagnermiglbauer, and the home of a clockmaker. Michael Brandauer, owner of the wagon-maker's and carpenter's, gives our house its name in 1588: Wagnermigl.

In 1770, ownership passes to the Seiwald family, after which it is run as a family business with loving attention to every detail

By 1965, our family was renting out rooms, though only 2 at the time. After extensive remodeling in 1973, the Wagnermigl was turned into a guesthouse with 19 rooms. Since then, the Wagnermigl has grown to 27 stylishy decorated rooms with complete comforts, always with an eye to sustainability!