paarThe warm-heartedness we live and breathe is also reflected in the people you see or meet here. Our employees Christine, Anja and Kathi - have been with us
for many years, and are very much a part of our family!

We are always to found on the premises, which means we are able to personally guarantee your comfort and wellbeing.
Our staff is our most precious asset. They are part of our family and we share the same sincerity among each other as we do with our guests.

Our family is always present on-site and ceaselessly cares for your wellbeing.

Franz – he is an all-rounder and ruling the roost. Franz is a qualified chef and in this capacity he is responsible for overseeing the preparation of
breakfast in our house.In the afternoon he potters around on the premises doing all sorts of odd jobs or drives the tractor in the orchard. In the evening
he stands behind our little hotel bar taking care of the beer on tap.

Regina – she is the landlady and the good fairy, always busy, but with a constant smile in her face and ready to make suggestions for excursions for our guests. Regina always takes trouble
over our guests’ well-being, which they fully appreciate.

Maria and Lux, together with their children Franz and Anton – Maria is the elder daughter of Franz and Regina and supports her husband in every aspect. Together with their
children Franz and Anton they spend a lot of time in the garden and in our children’s playground. Franz and Anton are the youngest in our team and act as our little animators for

Anna – is still studying at university, but also supports her family at work. Her passion is baking cakes – and her cakes are in great demand among our guests. No matter whether
serving breakfast or working in the kitchen – Anna is always around.

Anja, Birgit and Greti are our housekeepers with a love of cleanliness. They are unbelievably considerate and have been known to our guests for years. They get support
during the summer months by trainees.